William's Farm to Pharmacy Internship ran for 8 years on the Goldthread Farm in Western Massacusetts, and attracted an amazing group of dedicated students. Many of them have grassroots health projects of their own today. Please check out their great work below!


Farm to Pharmacy is a grassroots approach to optimizing health through the inclusion of common, easy to grow or procure, medicinal plants and preparations as additions to diet and daily self-care. Accompanying the plants is a framework for how to take care of oneself in general, and specifically how to incorporate the time honored principles of traditional Eastern and Indigenous systems of healing with the latest scientific advances in the field of health and wellness. More than a philosophy, Farm to Pharmacy is a functional model of plant-based health developed by William Siff over a period of years in his Western Massachusetts community. Drawing from personal experience, Siff lays out the specific components that make up the Farm to Pharmacy approach, and how these principles can be applied in a variety of settings for the health of individuals, communities, and the world we share. Whether an apartment dweller in New York City, a backyard gardener, school teacher, farmer, or business owner, stocking up with medicinal plants grown and gathered in our gardens, backyards, fields and forests just makes sense. It is a simple, safe, cost effective, and sustainable system of prevention and optimization available to all.



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Whole Harmony 4 U

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