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Personalized Plant Protocols

Expert Guidance & Personal Attention

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Comprehensive Consultations & Curated Botanicals

In an extended intake consultation with William, you'll receive a thorough review of your health picture, including any relevant lab work, current supplements and prescriptions, health history, lifestyle, diet, interests, and objectives. This is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of your particular situation through the lens of natural medicine and refine your health goals to achieve great results in your personal areas of interest or concern.

You'll be empowered with the knowledge and confidence to use a variety of different plant remedies, all carefully selected by William and accompanied with step-by-step guidance for their effective implementation. The focus is on plants that are easily available, safe and non toxic, easy to incorporate into your routines, highly beneficial in their actions, and in most cases also highly enjoyable.

How it Works

Medicinal plants such as herbs, roots, spices, and mushrooms provide the highest levels of antioxidants, trace elements, and essential phytonutrients in the plant world. They are uniquely capable of fine-tuning your physiology. Like training your muscles with exercise, medicinal plants build the capacity of every one of your vital systems.


The focus is always on nourishing, strengthening, and vitalizing the body to reinforce the roots of wellness. The most direct way to accomplish this is through supporting the major physiological mechanisms that govern digestion, detoxification, hydration, and the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. These systems are the foundation upon which health is created and sustained. Optimal health inevitably results when our essential body systems are functioning at their best. You'll learn to harness the power of medicinal plants to improve your sleep, energy, digestion/metabolism, immunity, focus and more.

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What to Expect

  • Expert guidance and personal recommendations

  • A comprehensive plant protocol designed to support and optimize the key systems of the body 

  • Discover powerful and time-honored plant remedies that the healthiest people around the world continue to use daily in support of wellness and longevity

  • Beyond the plants, your protocol includes detailed recommendations on diet, lifestyle, stress management, exercise, sleep, and more.

  • Enjoy an easy daily routine tailored to your preferences and goals

Work with William

Start by submitting an Inquiry to be notified of availability. To begin the program you'll complete a detailed intake form and schedule your initial consultation. This first call will be approximately 90 minutes depending on your circumstance. Based on this discussion, William will curate a protocol tailored to your individual needs and goals. The protocol should ideally be followed for 30 days, during which William is available through email to answer any questions or provide additional support as needed. Once you’ve begin your protocol, you'll join William for a follow-up call to discuss your experience, make any adjustments to your protocol and support your continued success with the botanicals and lifestyle recommendations.

Inquire for pricing.

Who is this For

Protocols are effective for all ages and circumstances including - 

  • Those looking to work with medicinal plants in support of a particular health concern or goal.

  • Those who are interested in medicinal plants, but unsure how to use them effectively and safely and want expert guidance to get results and avoid wasting money on fads or ineffective products. 

  • Those who are struggling to resolve a particular health concern. 

  • Those who are experienced in the use of medicinal plants and want to refine their knowledge, amplify the results they are getting, or take their wellness practice to the next level.

  • Those who want access to William’s personally curated collection of botanicals and his personalized guidance.

  • Those who prefer natural methods of promoting health and wellness

  • Those who want to create health promoting rituals and routines in their daily lives.

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