Msc. AoM., L.Ac

William Siff is a licensed acupuncturist, clinical herbalist, ethnobotanist, and health educator who practices Ayurvedic, Western, and Traditional Chinese Medicine traditions. 


An innovator at the forefront of the plant-based medicine movement, William has spent over two decades working with individuals and groups to successfully incorporate plants into their lifestyles as the foundation of optimal health. 


William works with a limited group of patients through

tele consultations from his office and apothecary in Santa Monica. Consultations include a personalized plant protocol and botanical remedies prepared by William.



William developed the Plantventure Experience out of his extensive travels to the healthiest, plant-centric cultures around the world. Through his close relationships and partnerships, William gained access to potent and precious botanical treasures that each of these communities have revered and stewarded through the centuries. William has curated a collection of different herbal preparations, specially prepared tonics and elixirs, and rare plants to share the traditional uses and benefits of these powerful plants with intimate groups as a collective transformative experience. A large and loyal following developed around the Plantventures, and ultimately led to a book currently in production with Artisan Publishers, set for release in 2021. 


A sampling of William’s recent press and podcast appearances. 

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Farm to Pharmacy is a grassroots approach to optimizing health through the inclusion of common, easy to grow or procure, medicinal plants and preparations as additions to diet and daily self-care. Accompanying the plants is a framework for how to take care of oneself in general, and specifically how to incorporate the time honored principles of traditional Eastern and Indigenous systems of healing with the latest scientific advances in the field of health and wellness. More than a philosophy, Farm to Pharmacy was a functional model of plant-based health developed by William Siff over a period of years in his Western Massachusetts community. Drawing from personal experience, Siff lays out the specific components that make up the Farm to Pharmacy approach, and how these principles can be applied in a variety of settings for the health of individuals, communities, and the world we share. 


Nature Is 

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Build your immunity with medicinal plants

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