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William Siff

Licensed Acupuncturist
Clinical Herbalist

Author of The Whole Plant Protocol

Founder & Formulator of Goldthread Tonics

Creator of The Plantventure Experience

Founder of Goldthread Apothecary &

Herb Farm

William's formal education and Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine was enhanced by apprenticeships, intensive trainings, and field work with traditional medicine cultures around the world. William's uniquely broad range of professional experience and expertise make him an especially effective practitioner. Beyond his work as a licensed acupuncturist and clinical herbalist, William is an ethnobotanist, medicinal herb grower, botanical products formulator, educator, entrepreneur and author. He combines classical training with deep, hands-on understanding of the plants and remedies themselves from Farm to Pharmacy and beyond. His extensive first-hand knowledge and experience of natural medicine in practice in traditional settings around the world is incorporated into his work with patients through his ability to communicate ancient natural medicine principles in a widely accessible way. 


William formulated Goldthread Tonics, a one-of-a-kind line of plant-based tonics sourced sustainably from the healthiest environments around the world to support the cultures and communities that produce them. The tonics, widely available in retailers nation-wide, make consuming medicinal plants easy for people living busy, modern lives. He created the Plantventure Experience to introduce people to the power of plants through an immersive group event combining practical information on the subject with sampling a range of curated botanicals to understand their effects first-hand. His mission is simply to make the daily use of medicinal plants as widespread and accessible as possible. This fall Artisan Books is releasing William’s book, The Whole Plant Protocol, a detailed blueprint for building a sustainable plant-centric lifestyle that creates optimal health for both individuals and the planet.

William in the mountains of Greece wild-crafting Mountain tea

My goal is to support each patient to seamlessly and completely integrate medicinal plants into their daily life. Over the years, I’ve gotten thousands of patients, students, friends and family members to embark on their own plant-powered lifestyle. Why? Because these plants are effective, affordable, enjoyable, self-empowering and environmentally sustainable ways to optimize health.  

​More than two decades in clinical practice, running an herbal pharmacy, growing medicinal plants, teaching hundreds of students, and formulating herbal products, all while living a plant-saturated life myself, has convinced me that medicinal plants are an essential aspect of both individual and societal health.

Lavender fields in Provence, France

The highest goal of medicine according to Ayurveda is for individuals to achieve optimal health so that we can actualize our potential and make a positive impact on society. When you make your life better, you make the world around you better.

Hear More

The Gabby Reese Show

Incorporating Plant Medicine into Your Everyday Life with William Siff

William Siff, Ethnobotanist and founder of the herbal drink brand Goldthread joins me today to talk about ways we can practically use plant medicine. When I say plant medicine it can be as simple as items you already have in your cabinets (things like cinnamon, herbal teas for digestion, turmeric for inflammation). Believe it or not, William makes this topic entertaining, sexy and inspiring. I have already started to incorporate his suggestions into my daily habits. Enjoy!

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